Roger Capps

Roger is a founding member of the original Pat Benatar Band line up and co-wrote "Hell Is For Children" with Pat. He toured and recorded the first five albums and left in 1984. Prior to her debut album, "In The Heat Of The Night," Roger and Pat worked together in a band called "Coxon's Army."  He often calls "Patti" his best friend and enjoys telling stories of Pat and Neil. Living in Southern California you can find Roger sitting in and jamming with local bands. He is especially supportive of Pat Benatar tribute bands and has played with We Belong on numerous occasions.  Playing his 8 string bass Roger adds another dimension to the sound and dynamics with his big heart and smile. Its been our pleasure getting to know Roger and we look forwarding to future shows with him. Below is a quote from an interview that shows his love for his best friends Patti and Neil.

"The thing about Pat is that she came from a great, sane and loving family who raised her with high morals and an innate sense of right and wrong. In the 10 years I worked with her, from the ground up in Richmond, VA to Catch A Rising Star and throughout the world on tour, I never, once saw her do one thing underhanded, illegal or untrue to any friendship. I have never and am unable to ever say an ill thing about her or Neil Giraldo. At that is simply because they are clean as a whistle. The absolute best people I have known and their fans cannot praise them high enough. I was on the inside for over a decade and know this all to be true. You won't ever find any dirt, no matter how hard you look. There just isn't any. There should be a Special Hall of Fame for rare people like these. Neil and Pat have such sense of fairness about them that years after I was out of the band, they honor me every show and have put my songs on B sides always making sure I was included. Generosity like theirs is unbelievable! Even this week, Neil saluted me personally by message and I broke down and cried because of all the love they show me. Ask me anything and I will tell you the truth. The truth about them isn't the stuff headlines are made of but should be so young people would have a shot at the best role models I have ever seen in my life. You can quote me anytime." -  Roger Capps