" Hello, 
I want to express my appreciation for your help in making our San Marcos Music Fest one to be remembered.  I know that you and your band members put great effort into your performance and worked hard with our sound company to get the best sound.  I’ve started to receive feedback from the attendees, and the music is getting rave reviews.  We will definitely keep you in mind for future performances. 
Have a great summer. 
Cathy " 

  - Cathy Cronin, MPA City of San Marcos  Recreation Supervisor III 

"Manny Dominguez invited the wife and I to come see a Pat Benatar Tribute - WE BELONG.  
If you love Pat Benatar, then you have to see them perform!!! 
I was so suprized by how amazing they were. Debbie Sierras aka Pat and Mike Sierras aka Neil Geraldo so awesomely talented. Also the back up Danielle Ellingson did an amazing job on back up vocals. Debbie and Danielle has such chemistry with harmonies!!! I see a huge future for this group!" 

- Don Green 

" To anyone who has not seen "We Belong" live , take the time to see them if you can . You will be glad you did ! Also , if you're a Pat Benatar/Neil Giraldo fan , when you go , close your eyes for a minute or two , and see if you're "surprised" when it isn't them on stage when you open them . Great Band , Good Vibes and wonderful people as well ......................... " 

 - Richard Eveland